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ATTENTION! You are about to read the one-day journey of a Canadian lady attending a cycling photo shoot in the Dolomites. This may content pastries, coffees and mountains. Reader’s discretion is advised. 7:30 AM— leaving the office Leaving the headquarters moment before the first ray of dawn, crisp morning air, we knew the day wasn’t going to be warm and hoped the changing weather of the mountains would be on our side. Heading up and down through the meandering roads leading right into the monumental Dolomites, Corvara in Badia. 9:15 AM— the arrival All the way to get there until the first location, a continual feeling of amazement inhabited me. The powerful attraction led by the numerous peaks (no wonder it’s a UNESCO world heritage site) made me feel so little but such in peaceful state of mind at the same time. 9:45 AM— meeting with the crew … but first coffee I could then feel that even if the weather were not likely to be on our side, we would have a good day. The models, the team and the Gruber’s (Ashley and Jered, photographers and dear friend of Castelli), everyone had an optimistic energy ready to chase the sun and authentic ...

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The first issue of Castelli Photo Finish covering the behind the scenes, experience and passionate stories of Castelli. Discover everything about the looks, trends, athletes and products. Enjoy !

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