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Tis the season of giving, as we are often reminded at this time of year. It can mean a great variety of things and can manifest itself in an equal number of ways; although, at times, it can be tempting to just cry mercy, and turn toward the nearest gift card offering with a resigned sense of submission. But as the saying goes, it’s the thought that counts, which is great for the cyclists on your list because it’s easy to be thoughtful when there is so much cool new gear from which you can choose. As such, we’ve compiled a top-10 list for holiday gift giving, which will surely make any cyclist on your list eager to head out the door for their next ride.   Going Big and Going Long For the discerning cyclist who welcomes the chance to brave the elements, there are a couple of easy home runs here. There’s very little that can compare to the versatility of a great jacket, and for this reason, the Perfetto RoS Long Sleeve tops our list. With our exclusive Goretex™ Infinium Windstopper, the Perfetto offers superior breathability and near-waterproof protection, and can be used in a wide range ...

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