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We know that feeling. You’re blessed by the fact that you can rest from your daily commute or from your office activities – hopefully. You’re maybe with family and friends having good time together, in a spirit of joy and kindness. But at the same time, you feel something is missing. Something you can’t ignore, which comes from the inside and makes you feel you need to go. At least for those 2-3 hours, you need to ride. Sometimes, you start to feel it even the days before Christmas. You begin to think about that beautiful day, and whether there will be some space for you and your bike, alone. You might even feel a bit dirty about it – come on, even on Christmas day? For what it’s worth, we are no different. Or maybe you tell yourself that you’ve worked out all year, so you can definitely take a day off and enjoy some Holidays special treats. Of course you can, and you will. But for some reason, you’ll go and ride anyway. Cold weather is not our friend but quite often, it’s been our way to test ourselves. Cold season is the best way to improve, to do better when it’s easier ...

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