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Story by Andy McGrath | We visit the Castelli factory in late November – well, it’d be remiss to gab about the Gabba at the height of summer. If you’re wondering how a rainwear revolution could happen in sunny Italy, abandon all weather stereotypes ye who enter their home town, Fonzaso. The Dolomites rear up and the temperature drops as we drive through the north-eastern Italian countryside, past wood stacks and through early morning mist. Apparently, this place gets twice as much rain as London. We meet Castelli brand manager Steve Smith and Race Performance Director, Andrea Peron, who takes us for a morning espresso (well, this is Italy). We stroll down the main artery, which is dominated by a big glass window, looking out over a floor of 40 sewing machines and their attendant stitchers, busy working on samples for the summer 2016 line. Notice a common denominator? They’re all from cruddy-weather countries. “We spent the first 45 minutes talking about traditional rain jackets, incremental improvements on the Pocket Liner,” Smith says. “We’d actually already made a first-round sample of it. Gabriel Rasch disappeared up to his room and came back down, talking about fit… Gabriel is quiet, ...

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GABBA 2 is phenomenal because it keeps out the elements while offering excellent breathability and stretch combined with a perfect fit. Pro riders appreciate this product for racing in foul conditions but what does it represent for everyone else? You probably love it in any weather that doesn’t involve sunshine. This jersey keeps you warm and dry and provides protection from wind and light rain. But the real question is: why does Castelli offer a long sleeve version? Standard long sleeve jerseys are good to be worn as part of a layering system, but are they really suitable as an outer layer over a base layer? They can be used for summer evenings to take the chill off and for spring, autumn and winter months when the temperature is not too low. And what about rain and wind? Cyclists who are wearing a thermal long sleeve jersey probably also own a wind and water proof jacket to put on top when needed, increasing weight and “killing” performances, we are almost sure. So far, so good, but why not a product which is lightweight and aerodynamic like a jersey and protects almost like a jacket? GABBA 2 LONG SLEEVE JERSEY is a protective wind and waterproof jersey ...

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