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The Aero Race Jersey originates from a very simple concept that is representative of the Castelli DNA: enabling riders to go as fast as possible. The idea emerged when we realized that improving the fit of the clothing reduced aerodynamic drag, allowing the rider to gain precious seconds. If we consider that a professional cyclist in a race maintains an average speed of more than 30 km/h, even though this is not the speed of a race car it is still a significant speed when dealing with aerodynamics. The Aero Race Jersey is certainly not a piece of clothing that is developed and created in a conventional manner. Every item of Castelli clothing has in its DNA its research and its typical construction as an article of race clothing, but top-of-the-line garments like the Aero Race Jersey undergo a slightly different production process, which applies aerodynamic studies to everything and places the construction design of the garment in the next step.   1 The first phase takes place in our scientific laboratories, where a hypothetical jersey, which in theory is the best combination, is proposed. This hypothetical idea of a jersey includes all the surfaces that must have low aerodynamic ...

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