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Feeling comfortable while training or racing is absolutely essential for every athlete. And hey: Who would refuse being aero on top of that? Who ever have had smarting abrasions caused by a wet suit (because one forgot body glide/petroleum jelly or a rubbing zipper/collar) or irritating seams, would die for a worry-free race kit. Body Paint is Castelli’s technology of advanced engineered fabrics to eliminate seams and build components directly into the fabric. The Body Paint men’s and women’s triathlon shorts are each made out of a single piece of fabric yet offer perfect anatomic fit. The leg gripper is knit into the fabric and we don’t need to make extra panels for a contoured fit. The waist band is an engineered flat fabric with a raw edge that lays completely flat. A envelope pocket on the back holds a gel for the run. The near total lack of seams makes for a very aerodynamic product that consistently gives the lowest drag results in our wind tunnel testing. The lack of seams especially becomes evident when you hit the run and realize that you have no chafing. As one Kona competitor told us, “this is the first time that I’ve done an ...

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