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Under a warm summer Fraser Cartmell won the inaugural edition of The Bastion iron-distance triathlon, a scenic, challanging and hard race in Kent (UK). The ‘Bastion’ Iron distance on Sunday was the longest day of triathlon to date for Fraser, and he hopes that it remains that way for the forseeable future! Having raced the Half distance ‘Gauntlet’ last Septmber over much of the same course he felt confident he had a good idea of what lay ahead, but 140.6 miles certainly adds a new dimension to racing particular (off road and lumpy) terrain. With his prior knowledge of the course profile from last year, Fraeser was entering into this race with a conservative racing policy. Any energy he could try and save during the swim and bike ride would come in useful deep into the off road multi loop marathon later on in the afternoon. Having raced and enjoyed a number of the Castle Triathlon Series events last year including the Half distance at Hever Castle in September, he was keen to try the new challenge that they had brought to their racing portfolio – The Bastion. Being the first edition of this race, the field size was small but this made for a ‘family ...

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