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Pro Women at the Colorado Classic – Point S Auto Nokian Tyres

The biggest women’s race in North America wrapped up in Denver this last week, and the Point S pro women were there to experience this important step forward for women’s cycling. We had the opportunity to sit down with Isabella Bertold and Pip Sutton, who just returned from their four days of racing at the event, and here’s what they had to say.




Q: What excited you most about racing Colorado this year?

Isabella: For the first time in my bike racing career we were the main attraction! This was a big step for women’s cycling and I was excited to be a part of it. The race attracted a top tier field of riders, and it was the hardest race I’ve ever done.

Pip: I was excited to race with some of the world’s best female racers, and supporting my team and helping our team members achieve the best possible results was something I was super happy to be a part of.




Q: What does the Point S hashtag #HRDWMN mean to you?

Isabella: I LOVE this hashtag – it could not be more accurate! There is nothing easy about this sport. The cliché saying that it never gets easier, you just go faster is so true. Dealing with the elements is never easy, and if you want to see a group of athletes gut themselves each and every minute of a race, the Colorado Classic is the perfect place!

Pip: #HRDWMN is exactly what female bike racers are. Cycling is not for the faint of heart and each and every one of our team members came in prepared to really grit our teeth and give a great show in the Classic.




Q:  What stage was your favorite?

Isabella: For me, Stage 1, Steamboat Springs was super fun, especially with the gravel section.

Pip: Probably Denver, stage 4: it was the final stage and I had friends out in support, which is huge as a racer. It was a really beautiful race and I felt privileged to be able to compete!




Q: Why do you race bikes?

Isabella: I started biking while rehabbing a knee injury. I am also on the Canadian National Sailing Team and have raced for 18 years at a World Cup/Olympic level. I quickly fell in love with biking and, when I realized that cycling was a team sport, I was hooked! The fact that you have to push yourself to the limit so that you can help the team is very cool, as well as knowing your teammates have your back.

Pip: I love bike racing for many reasons but the main reason being the amazing people I meet. On and off the bike, the women from the peloton are both intelligent as well as talented. The directors, team support, housing families: a real community is created around the cycling scene and you meet a vast range of people of all ages. I get to travel halfway across the world and participate in something that tests me physically, mentally, and be a part of a community that supports one and another to bring out the best in each other. Bike racing has definitely been a huge factor in who I am today.




Check out the video below to find out more about the Point S Team and hear what they have to say when we ask them: why cycling?



Photo credit: Brice Hansen