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Rolling Travel Bag – Video Teaser

Castelli Race Bags, the art of packing.
All successful pros have to master the art of packing a rain bag very early in their careers. For the pros, the rain bag is a vital piece of equipment in which they stash all the clothes and accessories that will keep them warmer or drier if the weather turns nasty. Riders will fall back to the team car and ask for gloves, jackets or booties, and then the mechanic in the car will have to be able to find the right pieces very quickly.
As I learned when I was a pro, preparation and organization are essential. This bag is one of my favorite products because the red lining and all the mesh pockets make it extremely easy to find everything when you need it. The flip-open top with zip mesh pockets is a great idea that solves the problem of trying to find small accessories in the bottom of a bag.
Even though I don’t put my Race Rain Bag into the team car anymore, it is still a great way to keep extra clothes, accessories and shoes organized for everyday training or when I am traveling. The bottom shoe compartment is great for quick access if the mechanic needs to get to the shoes after a crash, but for me I like that it can be separated when I travel. I was really surprised how much I can actually fit into the bag and how easy it is to find what I need.