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Technical Supplier Of The Italian National Cycling Team


It’s been eight years since Castelli sponsored the Italian national cycling team at the World Cycling Championships in Lisbon, Portugal. This year, the iconic scorpion logo will be back on the guys in blue – the Azzurri – during the World Cycling Championships in Melbourne, Australia. jersey

Drawing on more than 30 years of experience in making performance cycling clothing by hand, rounded out by ProTour riders’ product feedback and testing, Castelli engineers products that deliver peak performance when every second counts.

SanDiego WindtunnelWe are very excited to become a partner of the Italian national team, When Castelli was sponsoring the Italian national team from 1996 to 2001, they not only came up with the best-looking cycling kit but also introduced some pioneering developments like the first fully aerodynamic skinsuit.” said Dario Cremonese, CEO, Castelli.

“Clothing is an important piece of equipment. And we are continually developing the most technologically advanced solutions to make cyclists faster, lighter, more aerodynamic and more comfortable.” Dario said.

The Castelli apparel the Italian national team members will receive is dedicated to speed, performance aeroaand Italian fashion – speed increased by aerodynamics and reduced weight, but also by helping the human body to perform at its maximum potential.

We design our garments to help blood flow to the muscles, to help the body maintain its optimum operating temperature, and to smooth the air flow around the body in real-world situations. We then test and refine, test some more, and refine some more, on the road and in the wind tunnel.

Melbourne BibshortFor example: the Melbourne Aero Race Team Jersey, with its advanced technology, saves about 10 watts of power at 40 km/h – that equates to roughly 36 seconds saved every hour compared to a standard cycling jersey. An aerodynamic cut, lightweight and aero-slippery fabrics, and the use of Giro++ grippers create an absolute form fit in critical airflow areas. A tightly knit mesh back releases body heat while still offering UV protection. The jersey features a quarter-length front zipper and three rear pockets.

The Melbourne Velocissimo Bibshort is designed to increase performance by eliminating pressure points that restrict blood flow and by getting oxygen to the muscles. The leg opening is designed to not overly constrict blood flow at the bottom, but also to stay put. The mesh bib straps are widely spaced to help improve moisture management in a high-sweat area.

The short also features a seamless KISS3 seat pad with multidensity cushioning, plus the outstanding Affinity Lycra® and Breathe micro fabrics for maximum stretch and rebound.

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