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Second and third podium spots for Armstrong and Pooley.


The women’s Cervélo TestTeam took the second and third podium spots with Kristin Armstrong (20’53”) and Emma Pooley (21’09”) after the winner Amber Neben (Equipe Nürnberger Versicherung) 20’39” in yesterday’s individual time trail.

“We decided to go full power with Armstrong, Pooley, Häusler and Ryan and save the other 4 girls for tomorrow with it’s mountain finish atop Monte Serra, certainly one of the hardest stages we face in this race,” said Manel Lacambra, Sports Director.

“So second and third are good results today. Neben was in front of us but we were close behind with our 2 girls. Today’s circuit was better suited to a rider like Neben, with its steep climb about 1 km from the finish. Emma Pooley worked especially hard today and had a great ride, staying in front of the other climbers. For Monday’s stage, we are very focused and motivated and ready to show our team’s strength. The performance of the team will have to be great because I believe it will be the best team, not the best rider that wins here.”

With the bike and wheels being so aerodynamic, the air hitting the feet and lower legs is very “clean” and therefore a lot of drag is generated in this area. So we engineered these Cervélo Aero Race Shoecovers to smooth the airflow over the shoe and around the front of the leg, then to smoothly separate from the leg with the structured “golf ball dimple”fabric. These have been shown in the wind tunnel to save between 2-3 watts at 40 km/h.

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