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Covered sleeves became indispensable for best possible aerodynamics on the bike. A few years ago professional athletes with short or even long sleeved race suits were smiled at. Castelli was one of the first triathlon clothing brand which introduced a short sleeved race suit with full zip, available for everyone in spring 2014 preceded by hours of testing in the wind tunnel and multiple prototype sessions to guarantee the best possible fit and performance.

The all new 2016 Free Sanremo Suit SS is even more comfortable and can be worn for the entire race which means it allows enough freedom of movement also for swimming and running.

Frederik Van Lierde Frederik Van Lierde Andreas Raelert
It has been proven that covered sleeves are faster than skin. It took a little while to convince athletes but in the year 2015 this trend couldn’t be overlooked.
At Kona 2015 the top 10 men (16 of the top 20) were racing in short sleeved tops (women: six of the top 10).


Frederik Van Lierde – 2013 Ironman World Champion

In case of a non-wetsuit swim, wearing shortsleeved race tops/suits during swimming is prohibited.
If you don’t want to go the aero benefits and comfort of your Sanremo, try this (optional: underneath your swimskin):

1. Unzip your Sanremo SS and roll it down to the waist.
2. Fold back the sleeves, inside out, and stow them so that they don’t slow you down in the water (best underneath your legal swimskin).
3. You can easily slide into the sleeves of the Sanremo Short Sleeve in T1 and benefit from the performance advantage for the rest of the race.

Who doesn’t want to be dressed like a pro and benefit from the same performance advantage as Ironman world champions.


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Photos Frederik Van Lierde: © David Pintens