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Rain or shine, you’ll stay warm and comfortable.


On a dry day, the PAVE BIBTIGHT is as cozy as your favorite winter tight—warm, stretchy and breathable. But when it starts to rain, the real magic kicks in. Thanks to the nanotechnology treatment, drops of water bead on the surface of the fabric and run off—so you don’t have to turn around and head home when the skies open up. PAVE BIBTIGHT

Exclusively engineered by Castelli. We basically take our thermal fleecy stretch Thermoflex fabric and coat it with millions of tiny silicone nanofilaments to create the most waterrepellent fabric finish ever. Drops of water stay as spherical balls on top of the fabric or bounce off the fabric without leaving a trace.

The silicone nanofilaments also trap a layer of air between them for excellent insulation and prevents water droplets from soaking through the coating to the fabric underneath.

The PAVE BIBTIGHT will keep the rider dry and comfortable by providing a water repellent barrier, while the fleecy Thermoflex fabric traps a layer of warm air next to your skin with plenty of warmth for the cold winter days, while still allowing moisture to escape – making the PAVE BIBTIGHT perfect for the cold and wet winter rides.

kiss3The PAVE BIBTIGHT features our all time famous KISS3 seatpad – no seams next to the part of the body that is subject to chafing or abrasion, anatomical shape, thinner edges and gradual thickness so you don’t feel lumps or “steps” in the seat pad.

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