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NEW for 2010! One single piece of fabric bibshort!

eurobike_logoThe Body Paint bibshort is designed to synchronize with your body’s movement on the bike. It is anatomically tailored and made out of only four pieces of material:

– The short portion is made with a single piece of engineered Power Stretch Lycra®
fabric with integrated Giro++ leg grippers designed not to constrict blood flow.
– Straps made in seamless Giro++ elastic fabric.
– Light mesh fabric on back for breathability.
– Progetto X2 seat pad.

The combination of a single piece of fabric to eliminate seams and cover the bottom of the riders body as if it was painted on, will help harness the riders muscle’s output potential and facilitate blood flow in the capillaries, getting oxygen to the muscles.

The shoulder straps fit differently to those on other bibs. We have removed as much material as possible from the front of the stomach and upper torso area, so that instead of rising vertically from the waist to the middle of the shoulder, the straps curve from the outside of the hips and around your chest to leave more of the chest uncovered makes the shorts feel less restrictive and cooler in warm conditions.

It has been taking us over three years of development to create this one single piece of fabric bibshort. The Castelli Body Paint Bibshort will be introduced to the public at the Eurobike trade-fair in September.

The Body Paint Bibshort comes with the our new patented Progetto X2 seat pad, guaranteeing comfort never before seen before: Click here >>

Body Paint Bibshort Body Paint Bibshort

Body Paint Bibshort Body Paint Bibshort