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Mondiale Bibshort, Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Felt

With the Mondiale Bibshort we simply set out to design the most comfortable, luxurious bibshort we could make. Everything we do in some way goes back to speed, and in this case the Mondiale short is made for your longest training rides to make you faster for race day in your Free Aero Race Bibshorts, or those rides where you’re just out enjoying your race fitness. Either way, this short is obscenely comfortable with its new 220g Cinquanta fabric with a full 50% Lycra® content that coddles you unlike any short you’ve ever worn. The construction builds on the comfort we developed with our Body Paint shorts, but the new higher-rebound fabric provides greater support with improved freedom of movement. Laser-cut ventilation on the back and no-sew bonded seams complete the feeling that we held absolutely nothing back in making the most comfortable short you’ve ever used.

We call this the Secret Training look. Black, understated, quietly confident. Every bike racer knows that feeling of when you go into Secret Training mode, when your focus turns inward, when you’re concentrated on getting everything just right. You don’t want to draw attention to yourself as your entire being takes on a singular focus. A few years back it was a bit of a joke in the pro peloton when some riders would wear all black to avoid detection. But even today we know a lot of the pros will sometimes wear Castelli normal kit in training, though not necessarily black. We’ve noticed that they tend to do this during a period of intense preparation. That’s the inspiration for the stealth look, but the gorgeous matte finish of our Cinquanta fabric just needs to be seen.

SIZES: Small – 3XL WEIGHT: 171g (size Large)


An incredibly engineered short can look deceptively simple from the outside. Our ultimate goal is a short that you can’t feel when you have it on, and the Mondiale is a significant step toward that goal. Our new Cinquanta fabric features 50% real Lycra® to make it insanely soft but with unprecedented muscle support. The stretch of this fabric allows us to give exceptional fit in a short with only two seams, so there’s practically nothing to chafe and nothing to fail. We’ve slightly reinforced the lie-flat leg ending and added a touch of silicone to prevent it from riding up.

We’ve used our proven Progetto X2 Air Donna seat pad, and we’ve bonded in a reinforcement on the side panels that provides a slimming effect on the hips. In keeping with the clean design lines, we’ve used a muted logo that matches this short’s classic timeless quality. The straps of the bibshort feature no-sew bonded reinforcement and a new SnapLock fastener so you can open the bibs for nature breaks. The short version has Castelli’s double-layer Soft Touch waistband that lies flat and doesn’t constrict.

SIZES: XS – XL WEIGHT: 141g (size Small) MSRP: EU 229,95