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Love is challenging

Castelli unveiled the new leaders’ jerseys of the Giro d’Italia 102.

After our return to the race last year, Castelli has designed the new Giro d’Italia collection, once again reinterpreting the jerseys of the toughest race in the world’s most beautiful place Designing the Maglia Rosa is a challenge that is almost as compelling as winning it, and today we are proud to reveal the result of months of work. We look forward to finding out who will wear it in Verona and lift the Trofeo Senza Fine that we have reproduced on the jersey.






Celebrating Giro d’Italia stages.

In addition to the leaders’ jerseys, Castelli is celebrating with six GIRO102 SQUADRA JERSEYS highlighting individual stages of the 2019 Giro d’Italia. Many claim that cycling is an individual sport. But we’ve worked with the best athletes for years, and we know that you don’t win without a team.
Our Giro102 Squadra jerseys were inspired by this conviction. Giro Squadra jersey It’s a garment that — like a good domestique — can support you in a wide range of situations, from everyday rides to endurance races.
In designing this jersey we paid meticulous attention to every detail. Just as a sports director must select riders with different characteristics and know how to best bring them together in a team that aspires to conquer a Grand Tour, the Squadra jersey combines different fabrics and elements, each with a specific function, each designed to work best together with the others. The main fabric ensures lightness and quick drying; the perforated side panels enhance breathability; and the construction of the sleeves, with no seams at the ends, provides unrivaled comfort. The zipper and the structure of the back pockets, which faithfully reproduce the characteristics of our WorldTeam racing jerseys, complete the “Squadra”.The result? A jersey that offers an outstanding fit, rapid drying and exceptional comfort.



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