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nanoWhen meeting up with the Cervélo TestTeam in November, we gave one pair of the Fulmine bibtights with nano-technology treatment to two riders that every year are facing a lot of kilometers in wet and chilly winter conditions.

Roger Hammond who live’s in the heart of Belgium is doing most of his winter training in the area of Brussels and in the UK. Carlos Sastre lives about 1000m above sea-level in the mountains north of Madrid in Spain. He was looking for something to keep him warm but more important dry during his specific winter preparation. The conclusion was the same from both riders:

“This new water-repellent fabric not only bounce off the water drops, it insulates and wicks the moisture away quickly so I don’t get that cold, clammy feeling any longer.”

Exclusively engineered by Castelli, the Nanoflex water repellent fabric is one of those fabrics that seems miraculous. On a dry day its as warm and breathable as our normal Thermoflex fleece fabric, but when it rains the water just runs off thanks to the 5 phase nanotechnology treatment. We’ve used an innovative construction that minimizes seams to keep you as dry as possible. While its not 100% waterproof, its the best solution we’ve ever tried for staying comfortable in any condition.

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New for September 2010, Water-resistant warmers and bibtights, COOL!