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#Giro 2019 | Getting in the mood ride

The big start – La Grande Partenza – is always something huge. If you’re not ready, you can easily find yourself overwhelmed to enjoy it at its best. That’s why for the 2019 edition of the Giro d’Italia, we thought about organizing a little ride to get in the mood. Thanks to the late afternoon Pro start, we had plenty of time to enjoy Bologna, the San Luca climb and the hills outside the city before watching the race.

We did it together with our friends at Zwift. They’ve been in town from Thursday to launch their brand new partnership with Giro d’Italia. You can now ride the entire Bologna TT on the platform – how cool is that?

Meeting point at Musixmatch HQ, in the heart of Bologna. Max – the owner – and his cycling team took good care of us and Zwift and designed a perfect course to experience Bologna and its surroundings on our bikes. It’s time to check the route and take some selfies.

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No better way than a coffee to start an Italian ride celebrating an Italian race.

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Headed outside the city to San Luca, the 2Km brutal climb that will be the judge assigning the first Pink jersey in the afternoon. The pain is real – +22% steep!

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After crossing the finish line – still a work in progess location, we must say – we easily understand in a couple of km why the “colli bolognesi” – the hills of Bologna are so famous around italy. We simply can’t find 50 flat meters in the next 30km. It’s a never ending up and down that suits explosive riders and there’s a few of them among the Zwift team. We wonder if they are so strong thanks to the training program they have on the platform or else. Anyway, they are kind enough to wait for everyone every once in a while and regroup before departing again.

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Climbs are (finally!) over. Time for a coffee and some old school tricks before the downhill to Bologna.

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Back to the city, time to get ready for La Grande Partenza. Thank you guys, it was a pleasure riding with you and get in the ride mood to live the start of the Giro. We can’t wait to ride together again – maybe on our home courses in our beloved Dolomites!

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Photo: Edoardo Civiero