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Garmin-Cervélo Product Review: Bodypaints

BodyPaint test reviewI tend towards being “finicky” when it comes to things that I love and use on a daily basis. Like a good saddle, when I find a pair of bib shorts that I love, I hoard them in order to make sure I won’t run out. My personal “stock” has hit a rough patch in recent years…bibs that have been washed hundreds of times tend to become more see-through and less lycra.

Arguably biased opinion aside, Castelli’s Bodypaint Team bib shorts is the next item that I’m going to have to start stock piling. In short, they are the most amazing piece of technical apparel that I’ve ever used. I’m not an apparel designer, but I use a lot of technical apparel skiing, running or riding bikes. The Bodypaint bib short tops everything I’ve used, making them the best cycling shorts I’ve ever worn by a long shot.

Getting down to the details, the most significant design feature of the team bodypaint bib short is that it requires no seams or stitch lines to construct. The result when riding your bike is that it really feels you’re not wearing any shorts. Having said that, my favorite feature of the bodypaint bib is that they don’t feel or look “sheer” in anyway. It looks like you’re wearing a regular black bib short. The idea that that they feel like you’re not wearing anything, doesn’t mean that it looks like you’re not wearing anything! In an age of all white bib shorts, this is an important distinction to make.

It’s also important to note that the bodypaint bib runs very small in size, so make sure you size up from your regular bib shorts if you’re not familiar with Castelli’s sizing.

You can shop for the Bodypaint bib at the Official Garmin-Cervelo team shop or from a Castelli dealer .


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