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Gabba WS Rain Jersey

SAVING ENERGY IN WET CONDITIONS – Racing in the rain, fully protected, and nearly as aero as the normal dry weather Garmin-Cervélo Aero Race kit.


VIDEO: The Gabba WS Rain Jersey is great for aerodynamic protection
for racing when it’s raining.

Tour de France: A wet day in the saddle yesterday, the weather cooperated by swinging from beautiful to nasty and back with regularity. Every bit of the innovative Castelli wet weather gear was in use to protect the Garmin-Cervélo riders from the elements and saving extra energy for the final moment.

David MillarWith the futuristic and miraculous Gabba WS Rain Jersey, we have been able to make race-wear that’s fully protective, very stretchy, and yet so breathable that you can keep the entire thing closed up without overheating.

By adding this short-sleeve aero Gabba jersey over the the Aero Race jersey, the Garmin-Cervélo riders will be able to race in the rain, fully protected, and nearly as aero as their normal dry weather race kit. It’s made possible thanks to a revolutionary new 4-way stretch Windstopper X-Lite Plus fabric being developed by Castelli and GORE W.L.

How it all began – the Gabba WS Rain Jersey is textbook product innovation at Castelli: it started with a focus group with Cervélo TestTeam riders in August 2009 focusing on improving clothing for cold and wet conditions.

Cervélo TestTeam rider Gabriel ‘Gabba’ Rasch came up with the idea of a stretch short sleeve rain jersey to be used with our NanoFlex water resistant arm warmers. Great idea, but existing fabrics were either not stretchy enough, or not breathable enough. So we worked with GORE W.L. and developed the new 4-way stretch Windstopper X-Lite Plus waterproof fabric.
Wet weather race kit

By adding a pair of the water repellent Castelli NanoFlex arm-warmers to the Gabba Jersey, the Garmin-Cervélo riders will stay as dry as possible, thanks to the 5 phase miraculous nanotechnology treatment. The water drops just bounces off the fabric. It’s not 100% waterproof, but the best solution we’ve ever tried for staying comfortable in any wet race condition.

CTT helped us perfect the details on what Roger Hammond calls the best bit of kit he’s ever worn. Now available for your next cold and wet race. Just in case you’re wondering, Gabba is Gabriel Rasch’s nickname.

Comments from the Garmin-Cervélo riders: Haussler, Rash, Hammond and Lancaster:

– “That’s the best bit of kit I’ve ever worn.”

– “Best thing ever”

– “Perfect for rain and cold”

– “Never tried anything comparable”

– “Let’s just hope it rains.”

The Gabba WS Rain Jersey is great for aerodynamic protection for racing when it’s raining and not terribly cold. The Nanoflex arm-, knee- and leg-warmes are already available for sale, while the Gabba jersey will hit the store shelves during September 2011.