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Fedele, Super-comfy mid-weight jersey.

The Castelli Fedele is unusual in that it’s thicker and warmer than most short-sleeve jerseys which makes it a useful option for spring, autumn and cool summer morning/evening rides.

The Fedele is made from Castelli’s Thermoflex Lite fabric which is a brush-backed polyester. It’s a mid-weight fabric, not far off the kind of thickness that you sometimes find on long-sleeve winter jerseys. It’s in no way windproof – it’s not that dense – but it’s thick enough to provide considerably more insulation than a standard summer jersey.

Castelli designed the Fedele for use with their Feroce long-sleeve base layer that we reviewed last year, but there’s no reason why you can’t use it with a short sleeved/sleeveless base and arm warmers.

What’s the advantage to a combo like this over just wearing a long-sleeve jersey? Versatility. You get a decent amount of upper body warmth here while arm warmers or a stretchy base layer like the Feroce allow you to uncover your arms to cool down if the sun comes out.

In that way, wearing the Fedele is a little like wearing a thinner summer jersey with a gilet over the top. The advantage, though, is that the Fedele is super-stretchy so you get a close, comfy fit, and it’s very breathable.

The front zip is full-length option from YKK so you can easily let loads of air in if you start overheating. It locks in place, doesn’t creep open and comes with a large puller that you can’t miss even with gloved fingers. A broad, elasticated gripper around the back and silicone inside the hem stop the back from shimmying up as you ride.

As well as the usual three pockets in the lower back, there’s an extra zipped pocket back there for safely storing your keys, phone or whatever. As is often the case with very stretchy jerseys, the pockets can drift south if you carry tons in them, but you really do have to go a bit over the top for that to happen here; they’ll handle normal ride essentials – a pump, spare tube, multi-tool and waterproof – just fine.

Castelli give this jersey a temperature range of 14-22°C. I’d say both ends of the scale should be a little lower than that, and I’m someone who feels the cold (don’t get me started; I’m a martyr to it. I very rarely moan, though). I’d say I’ve been using the Fedele in temperatures of 11-19°C is or something like that. Those Italians don’t realise that 22°C is high summer over here.

If you think the white option is hopelessly optimistic for UK conditions, you’re probably right. The Fedele is available in black too.


Super-comfy mid-weight jersey that provides a little more warmth than normal in spring/autumn conditions