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Fast Team, Fast Clothing!

Fast Team, Fast Clothing
The Cervélo Test Team kit is to speed and performance – speed through aerodynamics and reduced weight, but also speed by helping the human body to perform at its maximum potential. We design our garments to help blood flow to the muscles, to help maintain the body at its optimum operating temperature, and to smooth the air flow around the body in real world situations. We then test and refine, test some more, and refine some more, on the road and in the wind tunnel.

Cervélo Aero Race Team Jersey
Two-third of aerodynamic resistance is created by the rider and only 1/3 from the bike. So even small gains here can make a big difference. In fact, testing from the San Diego windtunnel shows that this jersey saves 10 watts when riding with your hands on the hoods at 40 km/h. That translates into about 40 seconds saved every hour compared to a standard cycling jersey.

The jersey was designed with the Castelli Velocity fabric and no extra fabric flapping in the riding position. The cut is small and stretched tightly over the body, with extra-long sleeves that point up and forward. To getting the air to flow efficiently over the rider’s body, the front surfaces of the jersey were made as smooth as possible, with all seams placed outside the air flow; folds and flapping fabric were minimized.

Cervélo Aero Race Bibshort
Features a cutaway front, narrower straps to eliminate the feeling of the straps altogether, no inner leg seams and extra-breathable fabrics. The reduced fabric over the stomach area improves moisture management in a high-sweat area while increasing the ability to breathe deeper from the stomach muscles.

Cervélo Aero Race Shoecovers
With the bike and wheels being so aerodynamic, the air hitting the feet and lower legs is very “clean” and therefore a lot of drag is generated in this area. So we engineered these Cervélo Aero Race Shoecovers to smooth the airflow over the shoe and around the front of the leg, then to smoothly separate from the leg with the structured “golf ball dimple”fabric. These have been shown in the wind tunnel to save 3 watts at 40 km/h, so we strongly recommend the pros to use them in all road race situations except on extremely hot days.