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Extremely Lightweight and Compact

The Leggero jacket and vest are extremely light and technical, with every detail — from the materials to the cut — designed for performance.

It’s fully wind leggero_v-jproof with outstanding breathability, and surprisingly water resistant if you get caught out in a shower, but in the absolute minimal package and with a close-to-body fit so the jacket won’t flap in the wind and slow you down.

Leggero Jacket hits the scales at just 91 grams, and the vest only 62 grams (size large). The cycling-specific cut is slim so there’s little flapping, and the generous length at the rear keeps your lower back covered.

The sleeves are plenty long enough to cover your wrists, and the cuffs are elasticized for effective sealing. Back vents and small perforations on the sides help increase breathability. If you do start to get hot, just whip the jacket off; it will compress to the size of an apple in its stuff sack and fit easily into any jersey pocket.

Sometimes with a light rain you can overheat with at full jacket.
This piece will keep your core body warm, but let you ride at full intensity. It’s semi-transparent so your jersey is still visible underneath.

For those training rides in the mountains, or for when you get caught in a downpour, try the jacket over the vest. They’re so small that it’s easy to take both on a training ride, and the double layer keeps you even drier and warmer.

The Leggero Jacket and Vest are available in colors White, Black and Yellow Flue.
Sizes: S-3XL. Temperature range: Jacket: 10°-20°C – Vest 14°-22°C

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