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dm : Chpt. /// New Sartorial Styles

David Millar presents new styles in the Chpt./// clothing range.  Pronounced “chapter three”, Chpt./// x Castelli is a unique collaboration between British pro David Millar and Castelli, with whom he worked closely for much of his professional career.

“Our origins lay in racing, and we’ll always love going fast, but from now on there will be no sacrificing style for speed. This is our second range of products, there are more currently in development, but we are proud to have this creative collaboration with Castelli to bring style and elegance to the world of performance cycling apparel,” said David Millar.

The Chpt./// uses premium fabrics quality fabric materials, notably in the super light jersey and in the Rocka. Chpt.///’s version of the popular Gabba jersey. The designs take their greatest inspiration from tailoring. Described by Millar as “the cutting edge of fashion,” the Chpt./// team even consulted with renowned tailor Timothy Everest to perfect the lines and cut on both the light jersey and the Rocka. Contrast linings reference Millar’s sartorial interest, as does the color palette.