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Cycling is a lifelong learning experience.

Fall is coming, and it’s time to begin planning your off season training. Transitioning from a summer cycling routine to a less intense winter program will not only maintain a good foundation or base for the ramp up that will come with your early spring rides, but also minimize the risk of catching a cold. Always, make sure to awear proper clothing to protect yourself against the elements, learn from other riders, then you’ll always be one step closer to achieve your next goal.

s2Have patience is easy to say, but not always easy follow. My 22 years of cycling, including 12 years of racing taught me many lessons. Here are some of the little things which helped me to achieve my personal goals.

Every January and February for years, my cycling mates won the sprints on training rides, or could stay up front leading the pack for a longer time even in higher wind resistance while I just hung on. When May came, I left most of them in the dust and took all the hill-sprints.

It’s great to want to improve and push your limits. But many riders work too hard without allowing the body time to recover. Building aerobic power takes years of consistent training. To become a better cyclist, you must manage your energy levels.


THE RIGHT CLOTHING MATTERS There’s no excuse for not going riding on rainy days, or getting caught in a nasty weather without proper clothing. Castelli has always been at the forefront of making revolutionary clothing that would help cyclists improving their performance and protect them in all weather conditions.

I still remember my first Castelli Scorpion, a pair of lightweight Windstopper® shoe-covers. Stretchy, breathable, windproof and water resistant, my toes stayed nice and toasty for four seasons in typical bad Danish weather conditions with only one pair of shoe-covers!

The team element of cycling isn’t only for the pro’s! Some of my most satisfying moments on the bike took place when making sure to get everyone home safely on a long ride. Or, wait for everyone at the top of the hill. As you learn to depend on others, and they’ll depend on you. If someone in our group gets a flat, be the first one to offer assistance. The same thing might happen to you.

With temperatures around 10-14°C (50-57°F) in the nothern part of Italy, the TRASPARENTE long sleeve wind jersey gives me the weight of a jersey and the warmth of a jacket, and offers wind and splash resistance in a stylish, lightweight package.

Being able to ride in chilly weather with clothing that emulated all the best features of a summer-weight kit – here it is: Castelli TRASPARENTE JERSEY and SORPASSO BIB-TIGHTS.