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Complete line of Custom Aero Race products.

For competitive cyclists in the Pacific Northwest, a smart team will search for any way possible to fight the wind during training and racing.

The Audi Cycling Team is supplied with the complete line of Aero Race products offered by the Castelli custom division. Highly-specialized pieces such as the Aero Race Jersey, Bibshort, Glove, Vest, and Shoecover were selected by the riders for the clear advantages when racing in windy conditions. Lightweight and close-fitting, all of these products have benefited from rigorous testing in Europe by Cervélo TestTeam and Garmin-Cervélo Team in an attempt to maximize aerodynamics.

Wind tunnel testing shows that the Aero Race Jersey saves 10 watts when riding with your hands on the hoods at 40km/h. That equates to roughly 40 seconds saved every hour, if you’re a pro riding on the front like Thor Hushovd. For the rest of us, expect the advantage to be smaller. The lightweight fabric offers an aerodynamic advantage while body temperature can be regulated with base layers. The Aero Race advances technology in the neck and arm areas where the use of Giro++ grippers creates an absolute form fit in these critical airflow areas. A tight knit mesh back gives body heat release while still offering UV protection. The jersey features a quarter lenght front zipper and three rear pockets.

The Aero Race model is based from the Castelli Free bib short, which is adapted for pro team use. Seamless and multi-density cushion seatpad, Giro++ patented gripper and the Free bib (wide spaced straps) that keeps your chest free and cool. Castelli says it’s designed increase performance by eliminating pressure points that restrict blood flow and getting oxygen to the muscles. Likewise the leg opening is designed not to overly constrict blood flow at its bottom, but also stay put. The bib straps spaced widely to hold up the short, but not affect temperature control since it doesn’t add an extra layer in the front.

With stretchy windproof fabric on the front it keeps out all the wind, yet sacrifices little in terms of aerodynamics. The back of the vest uses the same fabric that we use on the Aero Race Jersey, so fit is exceptional and being close to body, you don’t have any extra fabric flapping in the wind and slowing you down like most of the other guys in the peloton. Note the exceptionally high collar to really keep the wind out. We built it as an absolutely minimal piece. It was designed for those training rides or races with changing conditions, and so we made it to easily fold up and stash in a jersey pocket. It only weighs 90 grams so it’s probably more efficient in the race to just stash it in a jersey pocket rather than go back to find the team car.

Your hands are the first part of your body to slice the air, so aerodynamics is very important here too. We’ve made the back of the glove completely smooth and given it a smooth transition to the wrist. This glove is made to be used on road stages as well as time trials, giving you an aero advantage with every pedal stroke. With the back all in Lycra®, the glove is extremely comfortable since it’s very stretchy. The soft synthetic palm is thinly padded so that you have a good feel for the handlebar, with just a bit of silicone on the logos to help with grip. In the time trials, notice that the glove is designed to be worn over the long sleeve skinsuit, smoothly transitioning the airflow from the hands to the arms.

With professionally-developed race gear by Castelli appearing on cycling teams across the world, more and more customers are demanding premium articles found in the Aero Race line to meet their design and performance expectations.

The Castelli Aero Race products can be ordered through Castelli’s ServizioCorse Custom Team program. For more information or to start the process of ordering custom Aero kits, click here:

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