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Body Paint Technology made its debut at the Tour!

Carlos Sastre, Body Paint Speedsuit

We’ve applied everything we know to make cyclists cut faster through the wind.
The speed suit is made using Body Paint technology: a single piece of fabric to eliminate seams and cover the riders body as if it was painted on.

The cut is very short in the front so that when the rider is in the riding position the suit lays perfectly flat on the front. Velocity® fabric featuring a very smooth surface for maximum aerodynamics. Giro++ flat elastic on leg opening and collar means that everything lays very flat and air flow transitions smoothly from skin to fabric. Longer legs for a smoother air flow around the legs. An aerodynamic flap to cover the riders race number, while letting the air flow more smoothly over the back.

Notice carefully in the photo of Carlos Sastre, you’ll see that the lower half of Carlos’ speed suit is made with Body Paint shorts attached to the upper part of the speed suit that also uses Body Paint technology.

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