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All about comfort and aerodynamics.


bodypairnSunday’s 115km ride with moderate climbing on some of the rougher roads around the Bassano area were a good test of the futuristic Body Paint bibshort.

The minimalist short absolutely disappears underneath you, and you really don’t feel it on. The fabric is great in both mild and warm weather, and the bibs don’t rub against your chest  like most other bibs.

The new multi-density Progetto X2 seatpad also features 3 gel inserts – two under the ischial sit bones and one in the perineum area. They’re called a ‘viscous comfort zone’ and are so thin, I could not tell they were even there, which says a lot about how well they integrate with the pad.

aero1As this was the first real spring heatwave, I also put on the Aero Race Jersey — the fastest jersey in the ProTour. Only the colors were different from the Cervélo TestTeam version. In wind tunnel testing, the Aero Race Jersey saved about 40 seconds every hour compared to a standard jersey. So either you can ride faster or with less effort. – its your call! For me, it was not about saving watts, but at least I looked good.

pockets2 aeroraceinsert2

aeroracejersey2 aeroracejersey

Aero technology saves 10 watts at 40km/h compared to a normal race-fit jersey. Open mesh back for breathability with no stretch, so you easily can load your rear pockets without having the jersey bouncing.

Aero insert around the arm and shoulder.

progettox2-v3 aero5

A pad has to do two things: caress your skin, and cushion your bum. So we created two completely distinct components, each one that does a job without any compromises.

Visit product page: Body Paint Bibshort –  Aero Race Jersey