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A real summer jersey for women!

The Magnifica Jersey is the lightest jersey we’ve ever created for women
– weighing less than half of a traditional jersey thanks to its SG0.6 fabric.

We’ve combined an anatomic fit, a skeleton pocket support system and the light SG0.6 fabric to create the perfectly balanced jersey. The SG0.6 fiber absorbs virtually no moisture – sweat dries before it even enters the fabric. This allows the jersey to provide stable temperature control in and out of the shade as well as protection from getting bogged down with sweat. The result is a jersey that weights only 84 grs. — less than half the weight of a traditional cycling jersey when dry. And when the rider perspires (or gets rained on), a soaked Magnifica jersey weighs only 150 grams, compared to 400 grams of a rival top.

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Manifica Sleeveless Jersey