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Coach Chad is back! This week we dig into how VO2max affects FTP, why heart rate may be lower or higher for different people at different times, and discussions about positioning in aggressive groups, heat, crashing and more inspired by Tulsa Tough.

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Hot weather’s adverse physical impact on endurance performance can elevate the difficulty of any workout, race, or ride. Fortunately, you can improve your execution in the heat through heat acclimatization and mitigate its adverse effects with additional preparation.

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Taylor Lideen’s victory at this year’s Unbound XL gravel race was an awe-inspiring achievement of physical endurance. But the sheer absurdity of riding alone for almost 23 hours, over 350 miles of rugged gravel, hides an even more challenging battle Taylor has faced with depression and anxiety.

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Having the right gearing can make or break your ride. But with the wide range of options available these days, choosing the right gearing can be an overwhelming and complicated task. Let’s get to the bottom of how gearing works and how to choose the right gears for your terrain and discipline.

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Workout Profiles give you a more detailed view of the intervals needed to build the specific fitness required for your goals. This guide will cover everything you need to know about Workout Profiles.

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