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How to Beat Light Riders, Rest Day Cravings, Sauna Training & More – Ask a Cycling Coach 202

How big riders can easily beat light riders, how to manage rest day hunger and cravings, more information on sauna training and much more!

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Topics covered in this episode

  • Outside Workouts with TrainerRoad!
  • How to know when to skip a race and recover
  • Pre-race routines and visualization
  • XC MTB pacing
  • USAC MTB call-up points explained
  • We raced another TT!
  • Indoor training on a budget
  • Are saunas only effective immediately after training?
  • How to prepare for a ramp test
  • Coach Chad’s strength training recommendations
  • How does ribose affect recovery?
  • Why you always feel extra hungry on rest days
  • Why properly fueling workouts is actually a skill
  • How to manage weight during a taper
  • How big riders can easily beat light riders

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