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L39ION raises $54,000 (and counting) to boost diversity in cycling

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L39ION of Los Angeles, the team founded and run by US Criterium champion Justin Williams, has raised $54,000 and counting towards its goal of expanding the team, its influence, and its efforts to boost diversity within cycling.

The team’s goal was to raise $50,000 to fund junior development, camps, and equipment. It surpassed that goal over the weekend and donations continue to roll in.

“We are the change we want to see… we are on a mission to become the only black-owned professional cycling team in America in 2021,” L39ION wrote on their Instagram page. “As of right now there are no black professional cyclists in America and we will change that and set an example for kids of all colors.”

If you’d like to help raise that total, you can do so here.

L39ION of Los Angeles is one of America’s top criterium teams and has dreams of pushing further into the professional racing world. Williams was for a time touted as a WorldTour prospect, but has doubled down on his criterium talents, taking home national championships in 2018 and 2019.

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Beyond its competitive success, L39ION also built an impressive following on social media and YouTube, largely through the efforts of Williams’ brother Cory, who has turned the helmet-cam into something of an art form. The videos he produces and shares regularly see over 100,000 views and have proven to be an effective means of spreading the team’s message – and that of its sponsors.

L39ION sponsor Specialized has committed to increasing its funding of the team.

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