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The Roadmap Episodes: Bikes are booming, can pro cycling boom, too?

Bikes are booming. Countries are paying for bike repairs; cities are shutting down roads to cars, making them safer for cyclists and pedestrians; in some places, bike sales are reaching holiday-volume levels.

One of cycling’s greatest strengths, and most confounding weaknesses, is the gulf between participants and fans. Can pro cycling take advantage of the bike boom?

This week’s special episode of the CyclingTips Podcast, the second of the Roadmap Episodes created in partnership with Rapha, looks into this question.

We begin with the calendar. Last week, the UCI formally released the 2020 calendar, slamming dozens of races into about three and a half months. It’s a testament to the conflicting stakeholders involved. We hear from EF Pro Cycling’s Mitch Docker and Mike Woods, as well as the Cyclist’s Alliance Iris Slappendel, for a pro perspective.

Then, we look forward. As outdoor racing disappeared, virtual racing took over. We speak with the founder and CEO of Zwift, Eric Min, about his platform’s place in pro cycling now and in the future.

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