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Riders stage a protest at the Ruta del Sol

The peloton at the Ruta del Sol staged a protest on Friday in response to what the CPA, the pro rider union, called a “lack of attention that has been given to their safety requests at the race.”

Riders took to the start line on stage 4 of the race in Spain and then delayed their rollout to make their frustrations about safety conditions known. After a few minutes, the peloton would eventually set out on a 182.9 km journey from Baza to Cúllar Vega, where André Greipel would take the stage win.

In a statement, the CPA noted that the protest was meant as a “symbolic” gesture “to attract the attention of the organizers and the UCI” to the matter.

“The riders protest against the choice of routes, gravel descents and large potholes, which in yesterday’s stage put their safety and well-being in serious danger,” read the statement.

“This difficult situation is to be added to the long and tiring transfers to which the athletes have been subjected during this race. They understand the organizer’s difficulties due to the post-pandemic period but they ask for more attention and respect to be given to this situation, as this is also a requirement by the regulations.

“The safety of the athletes must be the priority in the organization of all races, both large and small and they will no longer tolerate serious shortcomings such as those which were encountered yesterday.”

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