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Reality shows, Sedona Field Trip, staff rides, and new patents: Pinkbike Digest

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What’s going on in the mountain bike world? The Pinkbike Digest showcases the top dirt articles from our mountain bike sister-site, Pinkbike.com. You’ll get coverage from racing, tech, and some fun storytelling along the way.

Casting call: Apply now for the 2020 Pinkbike Academy – pro contract & $25K grand prize
By: Pinkbike Originals

Pinkbike is producing a reality show!

You read that right. There are so many incredible enduro riders out there struggling to break through on their skill and potential alone. Pinkbike wants to change that, so for 2020 they’ve created the Pinkbike Academy presented by Shimano.

Pinkbike is choosing 10 riders, five men and five women, from around the world to travel to British Columbia this summer to battle it out against one another. Riders will be eliminated through a series of challenges as the 10-part series progresses, and the winner will come away with a pro contract from Orbea and $25,000!

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Welcome to the 2020 Pinkbike Field Trip – value bike edition
By: Mike Kazimer

If you’ve followed along with the Pinkbike Field Test in the past, then the idea behind the first annual Field Trip will be familiar. Take a whole bunch of bikes, ride them as much as possible for a couple weeks, and then report back on the pros and cons of each one. What worked, what didn’t, what’s worth upgrading – you’ll be able to watch and read about all our findings in the coming days. Sedona, Arizona, served as our test location, where the dry desert conditions were a welcome reprieve from the seemingly endless rain back home.

We added a twist for the Field Trip – the focus was on value-priced trail bikes — in this case four bikes that sell for under $3,000 and four bikes under $2,000.

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Letter from the Editor: All in this together
By: Brian Park

We’re living in the shadow of pandemic. There’s actual danger out there, and it’s easy to fixate on it. Mountain biking seems insignificant in comparison. But even as the world faces a crisis, this community has been even more active and engaged than usual. So while many of us aren’t able to ride at all, mountain biking is more important than ever.

Pinkbike strives to be on the pulse of mountain biking, but right now we’ve got to be more than that. Caley Fretz from our sister site CyclingTips put it well, saying “this is our contribution to mental health, both yours and ours.” So we’re going to keep on keeping on, even while the mountain bike world pauses.

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Round Up: 5 Interesting new patents – A voice-controlled bike, electronic braking, & more
By: Dan Roberts

Every month there are a bewildering number of patents filed and granted that relate to the bike world. Lots could be seen as somewhat wacky and useless to most of us, but hiding away in the mass of paperwork lie some interesting inventions that can often give light to which direction a brand is moving in. Sometimes they’re put in place after the launch of a product, more to protect that particular product and any future ones that would share the same technology.

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Bike check: 9 of the Pinkbike office staff’s personal rides
By: Aidan Oliver

We’ve all seen the flashy and downright bizarre bikes the editorial staff here at Pinkbike have in for testing. But what about other Pinkbike employees? What does the bike of Andy from Sales or Brie from Marketing look like? We’ve been showing some of the bikes through our Instagram over the last few weeks, now here they all are.

Check out the bikes here.

Check out: A gear bag, Maxima’s new yire sealant & a different take on the waterbottle
By: Sarah Moore

A lot of gear comes across our desks here at Pinkbike. Check Out is a frequent round-up of everything our tech editors have gotten their hands on. Sometimes it’s products we’re doing long-term tests on, other times it’s stuff we’re stoked on but don’t have time to fully review. And, sometimes it’s crazy shit someone sent us unsolicited and we’re having a laugh.

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Good news from the cycling industry as it rallies against the spread of coronavirus
By: Ed Spratt

Among the constant bad news about the worsening spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, brands and people in the bike industry are trying to make the most of a bad situation. Check out some of the positive news stories to come through our inbox.

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Social Round Up: 9 of the world’s best XC racers react to the Olympic postponement
By: Sarah Moore

The title kind of speaks for itself … check out what nine of the world’s best XC racers had to say about the Olympic postponement.

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