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Pro cyclist Nic Dlamini’s arm broken in scuffle with park police in South Africa

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NTT pro cyclist Nic Dlamini suffered a broken arm during a scuffle with park police at Table Mountain in near Capetown, South Africa.

A park spokesman alleges that Dlamini, a professional since 2016, failed to pay the entrance fee of R90 (about US$6.40) to the park.

“What seems to have happened, the rangers were alerted of a cyclist that entered gate 1 of the Silvermine section of Table Mountain National Park without making any payment,” SanParks spokesperson Raymond Thakuli told News24.

“On investigation, they found the cyclist in question, stopped him and asked for the necessary permit which he did not produce. As per the law, that is a transgression which requires them to be fined or apprehended,” he added.

Video shot by Donovan Le Cok show rangers handling Dlamini roughly before throwing him in the back of a van.

X-Rays posted hours later on Twitter show a severe fracture of Dlamini’s upper arm.

“It is alleged that the cyclist became quite aggressive with the rangers, hence the scuffle. The arm may have broken as a result of him resisting arrest,” Thakuli told News24.

The SanParks spokesperson said a full investigation would be completed.

“We are aware of a video in which one of our riders, Nic Dlamini, was involved in an incident in Cape Town earlier today,” NTT said in a statement. “He’s currently undergoing medical assessment after which we’ll be able to provide a full update on what transpired.”

CyclingTips has reached out to Dlamini and Le Cok for comment but has not yet received a response. This story is developing, please check back for updates.

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