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Out of the Saddle with Salifu Mohammed

Out of the Saddle with Salifu Mohammed

Salifu Mohammed is a masterful painter from Ghana who has made his home in Marin County for the last 20 years. He’s well-known on the roads and trails and his smile, energy, warmth, and words seem to pervade and pass on to all he meets, encouraging them in their cycling journeys, whether they’re experts or novices.

After years of riding, breaking, and fixing, a seemingly endless series of what he laughingly described as “crappy” bikes, he recently worked with his local bike shop Above Category, to build his first-ever custom bike, a titanium Mosaic GT–1 built to his exact specs.

His bike shop Above Category created this “Out of the Saddle” video to shine a light on his love for cycling, and how his passion for art guided him in building his new ride.

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