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Orbea: Paris Roubaix “Hell of the North” latest Pachamama video

Orbea: Paris Roubaix "Hell of the North" latest Pachamama video

Orbea’s latest video is focused on the people responsible for maintaining the cobblestones of the famous Paris Roubaix race, in “Hell of the North.”

The maintenance crew, ‘Les Amis de Paris Roubaix’ working on the cobblestone route.

In this newest story, we meet Les Amis de Paris Roubaix (The Friends of Paris Roubaix) — the volunteers from a dedicated group committed to preserving the symbol and heritage of the cobblestone. Without them, the most famous and classic road race in the world would lose its identity. They usually say that, in this race, there are no climbs, because the challenge of climbs is achieved by the cobblestone.

In addition to exploring this lesser-known side to Paris Roubaix, Orbea’s gravel project also speaks with French WNT Rotor Pro Cycling athlete, Laura Asencio. Laura experienced the pavé directly when she participated in the very difficult first women’s edition in 2021. “Once you experience the pavé, you understand why we say that Paris Roubaix is not a race like any other,” she says.

The iconic cobblestone route lining the Paris-Roubaix race.
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