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Hannah Rhodes sets a new women’s Everesting record

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Less than a week after Lauren De Crescenzo stormed to a new women’s Everesting record, which came about a week after Katie Hall took the record herself, the record has fallen once again. Hannah Rhodes has smashed the fastest known time for a women’s Everesting attempt, registering a time nearly 50 minutes faster than the previous record of 9:57:29.

Rhodes, who holds enough QOMs to cover more than a hundred pages on Strava, compiled 8,848 meters of elevation gain in 9:08:31 to set a new (and confirmed) women’s world record as well as taking the overall UK record.

She undertook the effort on Thursday on the steep Kirkstone Pass in England’s Lake District, a climb whose average gradient hovers around 11 percent. All told, Rhodes rode 163 total kilometers with a weighted average power of 215 watts, according to her Strava data.

She landed multiple segment top 10s across the course of the ride while also keeping enough in the tank to ascend the climb about 37 and a half times.

Rhodes summed up her Everesting experience on Strava, writing, “Not sure I could go so far as to say I feel fine.”

She made the endeavor in an effort to raise funds for the Staffordshire North & Stoke-on-Trent Citizens Advice Bureau. You can check out the fundraising page here.

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