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‘Choosing to Live’ is a gorgeous gut-punch of a cycling video

Some cycling videos hit you with flashy stunts. Others make you laugh. But ‘Choosing to Live’ is a different beast altogether.

Ostensibly a promo for adventure cycling brand Salsa, it’s so light on branding that it’s basically non-existent. Instead, it leans on the incredible story of Sarah Hornby’s journey through the Canadian Rockies as she tackled 10 bikepacking routes put together by her husband shortly before he died of cancer. It was, in her words, “a way to connect with Ryan through his very last project”.

Over the year that Hornby pedalled through the Canadian wilderness, “her story transformed. From sadness and loss to a profound celebration of both his life and her own unique journey, she was choosing to live.”

With elegiac pacing and beautiful visuals, it’s one of the most moving seven minutes of cycling-adjacent footage we’ve ever seen. Do yourself a favour and check it out.

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