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Video | Fontana vs Gracia: The Challenge

You would think such a prolific downhill, turned enduro rider, such as Cedric Gracia would absolutely demolish Fontana on the mountains, but you’d be surprised. Northwave put these two legends head to head in a rather strange challenge.

Northwave sent us tickets to fly to Austria and Cedric and myself got on the plane not knowing much about it! We met in Saalbach, a ski area in Salzburg, Austria. It’s safe to say our first meeting was slightly eventful…


Filming together was great fun, mixing cross country and enduro was such a great experience. A lot of laughing when hitting the trails together. We have to say that Marco has a lot of skill on the trails, especially in Saalbach. Check out the video below!

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Words: Jordi Bago Photos: Northwave