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Video | 9point8 Release New Dropper Post

We already know one thing about the seatpost market: the RockShox Reverb resides as king of the ‘plant your arse, press the button and get gnarly’ dropper. Seeing companies attempting to get in on this frivolous market and copying this awesome technology has seen both products that stand up to the test and others that shouldn’t have even crossed manufacturer’s minds in the first place… Not naming any names. Well, another company has stepped up, backing its product with a decent level of reputation and an awesome rider to showcase his shredding in this gnarly video.

“Nine Point Eight Inc. ( 9point8 ) was established by a group of riders who wanted more: more performance, more optimization and more intelligent design. Which is quite serendipitous, as they also happen to be top design engineers in extremely technical, non-mountain bike related fields.” 9point8 state, “Dedicated to excellence in design, and abhorrent of compromise, this group is set about designing, engineering, prototyping and testing (lots, and lots of testing) superior bicycle components.” 9point8 is located in Ancaster, Ontario, and all of their products are designed, tested and assembled in Canada to the highest standards of quality.

The Fall line
The Fall Line dropper post offers 150mm travel and comes in 30.9mm and 31.6mm diameters, with a thumb lever that can be mounted in many different orientations.

Sid Slotegraaf is the rider in this sick video, and Nine Point Eight released this (see below) pretty flattering statement about him, so if all is true, what better person to face a new product? Especially one that is entering into competition with such a distinguished list of names on the market.

“Sid is one of those guys. You know – the guys you want to hate because they are naturally so good at anything and everything. The guys that make 30 foot drops on trail bikes look easy — Sid is that guy. One of those guys that has a degree, yet works 40-50 hours a week banging nails so he can race World Cups. One of those guys that regularly clocks KOMs after work, in a town full of professional recreationalists who gun for those KOM’s all day everyday.”

Big air.
Big air. World cup rider, Sid Slotegraaf showcasing his flair when hitting big.

The 9point8 dropper post is available now from select dealers and online at

Words: Andrew Richardson and Nine Point Eight Photos & Video: Courtesy of Nine Point Eight