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Trek World Racing to Enter the New Enduro World Series

Following the recent announcement of the upcoming Enduro World Series, Trek World Racing is excited to confirm that the team will commit to the series. This follows today’s signing of Justin Leov on a 2 year deal that will see the talented New Zealander focus on Enduro Racing. Justin recently retired from World Cup Downhill racing, but the new Enduro calendar provides the 28 year old with the perfect opportunity to extend his racing career.

Justin said today: “I’m really looking forward to racing a fresh new discipline, and being able to make it happen around my new career in building, with Trek World Racing providing me with all the support for my racing, is the ideal situation. It’s a team that feels like family and I know the product and the staff so well, it’s the exact support I’ll need to compete at the highest level in Enduro.”

The team will attend at least 4 rounds of the Enduro World Series where Justin will be on board his Trek Remedy and Slash machines. There will be other selected events like the Megavalanche, and Justin will be also be aiming to regain his title as the Crankworx Garbanzo winner. When the schedules permit, Justin will be lending a hand to his downhill team-mates trackside.

The team website will be updated with more information on the exact team schedule and co-sponsors in January.