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Travel | The Charm of Forcella Angagnola

Running between Val di Panico and Val d’Ambro, it connects Pizzo Tre Vescovi and Pizzo Berro, shaping a beautiful balcony in one of the most extraordinary places of the Sibillini Mountains.

It is quite easy to arrive there from Fargnos’ refuge and, every time, the climb gives us new emotions: the last spring snows, the deep green of the grass, the several essences spread by the flowers, the majesty of the North Mount Bove. But this time we can experience the thrill of a sunset, waiting up here for the sun to leave the stage, chasing the last lights of the day and playing with the stretching shadows. But the stars are about to show up and the night is looming over!

01-Passo del Fargno 03-Forcella Angagnola
07-L'inchino 08-Pizzo tre Vescovi

With the last lights of the day fading away we go down to the refuge and we allow ourselves to witness the spectacular sight of the Milky Way, shining in all its splendour. The bivouac is waiting for us, just like the new day. We have been enchanted by the magic of the mountain, once again.

09-Pizzo Tre Vescovi 11-Bove Nord
12-Forcella Angagnola 18-Via Lattea

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