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Travel | #2 Cedric Gracia’s Fun & Skills Camp in Andorra

CG Fun Camps is back again and this time, Vallnord in Andorra held host to Cedric Gracia and Jordi Bago’s mountain biking skills camp. Two groups of riders piled into the event, with citizens of Spain, Russia and Andorra hitting the trails and getting the low down from downhill legend turned enduro rider, Cedric Gracia.

The rolling hills of Vallnord, Andorra are what dreams are made of; offering trails so heart-breakingly beautiful that it makes home runs look like a family friendly country park. The tracks were super dry and dusty and dusty for the event, which seemed perfect for teaching and giving tips on riders technique and hopefully giving them the confidence to hit things harder, faster and get more gnarly. The precipice of the camp is to hammer the most essential range of skills and technique into the riders minds, ranging from how to hit jumps to what to do in arm-burning rock gardens.


“As part of the camp, we check out the set ups of everyones rides, from tire pressure to suspensions. Starting at the top of the Cubil trail, they hit a run as fast as possible so we can check out their balance on the bike, following by showing them how to affront the turns, berms and jumps. We singularly take time out for each rider to follow us on a run to feel the speed and confidence offered when riding super fast!” – One on one tuition for every rider sounds like a bit of a dream if you ask us and at €100 per day is a bit of a bargain, especially from such a prolific rider as CG.

Jordi and Cedric put a huge emphasis on the enjoyment of mountain biking and state that at the end of the day all that matters is that the participants have a great time and learn how to stay safe…the rest should come in due course. “The camps are here to enjoy, meet new people and have fun. Open for all ages, Man or Woman, the variety we have on each camp is huge, with each and every participant learning new and important skills on the bike to boost not only their times, but their confidence.” Well, if we get some time we’ll definitely be heading down to join in and refine our skills on the bike.

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Previously and firstly, CG and JB (not Justin Bieber) held their first skills camp in Florence, Northern Italy. Check out what happened when they maxed out their capacity here

The next camp is situated in Bulgaria next weekend (4th and 5th July), so for more info and how to book your spot, visit: CGFUNCAMPS

Words & Photos: Jordi Bago