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The Review | Resolv Bike Cleaner: Why Should Cleaning be a Chore?

Cleaning bikes will probably never feature on a ‘fun things to do in your free time’ list, and when it comes to riding, the act of cleaning is definitely ranked near the bottom. But fortunately, there are some nifty products out thre to ease this thankless task. And the Resolv Bike cleaner claims to be exactly one of these.

Der Resolve Bike-Cleaner soll helfen, das Rad schnell und einfach sauber zu kriegen.
The intention of the Resolve Bike cleaner is to make cleaning your bike faster and easier.
Laut Aufschrift kann der Bike-Cleaner auch bedenkenlos auf bewegliche Biketeile gesprüht werden.
According to the company’s guidelines, the cleaner can be used on any of the bike’s parts, including moving ones.

According to the guidelines, this bike cleaner is satisfyingly simple and completely hassle-free. Begin by hosing the bike down, then spray it liberally with the cleaning fluid. Wait a few minutes before washing off any residue and dirt. After a bout of initial skepticism over whether the Resolv fluid really possessed magical cleaning power, we were positively taken aback. Dust and mud were both easily washed off without attracting any further dust from the hose-down.

Sogar nach Schlammfahrten half der Resolve Bike-Cleaner, das Rad schnell wieder sauber zu kriegen.
Even after the muddiest of rides, the Resolv Bike cleaner helps to get your bike in pristine condition once more.
Nur lehmige Erde am Rad stellt den Bike-Cleaner vor Probleme.
Clay-like mud is the cleaner’s only nemesis.

Clay-like, sticky mud proves to be the only sore point for the cleaner, requiring multiple attempts to free the bike from the caked-on layer of dirt. Despite rigorous use on moving parts, such as the chain and the hub, no premature wear and tear or impact on the performance has been noticed, which significantly eases use. The Resolv Bike cleaning fluid is mixed together with water (200-300ml of the concentrate with 700-800ml water), a simple process thanks to the printed markings on the side of the bottle.

Resolv Bike cleaner scores highly when it comes to sustainability too; according to the manufacturer, there are no harmful chemicals in the fluid and the product is 100% biodegradable, meaning our eco-consciousness can remain pure. For one litre of the concentrate plus spraying bottle, the retail price is 12 €.

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Words: Martin Stöckl Pictures: Klaus Kneist