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The Review | MET Parabellum HES Helmet

The explosion of enduro fuelled the demand for open-faced helmets and this is where the long established helmet manufacturer MET fight for top spot with the enduro-orientated Parabellum. With a unique aesthetic, low weight and clever features, this new all-mountain helmet is playing in the premier league.

Der MET Parabellum hat eine markante Optik.
The MET Parabellum sports a prominent look and retails at 160 €.

The MET Parabellum is a looker, enough said. With its skeletal design in vibrant blue, a skinny visor attached up high, and no fewer than 28 air vents, the helmet stands apart from the competition with its distinctive design. A closer look later, and the lightweight nature of the helmet is proven, as it weighs in at just 287g – no doubt due to the many vents. However, there’s still ample protection from the Parabellum, as its low-slung back guarantees reliable coverage for the back of your head if you crash.

Der Parabellum ist weit in den Nacken heruntergezogen und bietet damit angenehm viel Schutz.
The helmet covers the back of the head and offers lots of protection.

The Parabellum comes with an adjustment dial at the back of the head, which allows you to single-handedly micro-adjust the fit as well as the height of the foam and how it sits on your head. Ideally, this means it’s flexible enough to fit all head sizes while still guaranteeing a firm fit.
It’s equally as simple to adjust the visor, as two side screws can be tuned to adjust the tilt to suit your style, ensuring decent sun protection for your face without impinging on your vision.
Unfortunately small-headed riders might leave empty-handed, as the Parabellum is only available in medium and large, and recommended for those with a diameter of 54-62cm, likely to be on the large side for women and youths.

Das Verschlusssystem funktioniert hervorragend sorgt für sicheren Halt des Helms am Kopf.
The closing system works great and keeps the helmet in place.

Constructed from various overlapping pieces of foam, MET have created a lightweight yet extremely protective helmet. Underneath the high-tensile polycarbonate exterior, the foam is spread with various thicknesses depending on the position within the helmet. This keeps the weight down to a minimum while still ensuring that impacts are absorbed and enhancing the protection for the rider’s head. Granted the CE certification, this concept can be deemed a success.

Die zahlreichen Belüftungslöcher prägen die Optik des Parabellum.
The helmet offers great ventilation.

Even several months of exhaustive testing, we unfortunately (or should that be fortunately?) can’t comment on the protective qualities of the various layers of foam, which is surely testament to our skills on the bike seeing both rider and helmet come away unscathed.
tead, we’ll wax lyrical about just how incredibly comfortable the Parabellum is. Light and airy is the best way to describe this open-faced beauty. As expected, the abundance of air vents provides great airflow. The chin strap and the adjustment system mean it fits perfectly. And if – despite said great airflow – you are still prone to sweating, then the silicon strips on your forehead reliably channel it out of the way and simultaneously prevent the helmet from slipping if you’re unfortunate enough to pass too close by a low-hanging branch. These also spread the pressure on your head, thus increasing comfort even more.

Die Größenverstellung im Nacken sorgt für guten Sitz, ist jedoch ein bisschen unangenehm beim an- und abziehen des Helms.
The size adjustment works great but is a bit uncomfortable when putting on the helmet.

Our only criticism is the grippy nature of the silicon, which can make it less than comfortable to put on. We found out that loosening the helmet before taking it off or putting it on will make it that much more comfortable. Even with gloves on, the dial is super easy to handle.
We also tested the Parabellum out with a variety of glasses and goggles, and were pleased with our findings. Thanks to the height of the visor, goggles and their straps can easily fit underneath. Now there are no excuses for not going full enduro.

Das Silikonband über der Stirn verhindert, dass Schweiß ins Gesicht läuft und garantiert einen festen Sitz des Helms auf dem Kopf.
The rubber band keeps the sweat out of the face and secures the helmet on your head.

Yet another great feature is the handy mount for cameras or head torches. Given the amount of air vents, MET have replaced the usual regular self-adhesive pad.


Naturally it’s a question of taste, but this is a seriously eye-catching all-mountain helmet, which exudes quality of production and a meticulous eye for detail with lots of useful features. In terms of weight, fit and ventilation, the MET Parabellum isn’t a helmet to be ashamed of. Costing 160 €, it offers great value for money as well. Everything from under-the-radar to in-your-face, the Parabellum is available in six different colour combinations.

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Words: Daniel Schlicke Pictures: Sebastian Hermann