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The living legend is back on track – Cedric Gracia

“Veni, vidi, vici!” Probably no less famous in the world of mountainbiking than Cesar in our history books, Cedric Gracia (Santa Cruz / Wild Wolf) had reason to celebrate a strong comeback in the final round of the Mondraker Enduro Series in La Fenasosa Bikepark (near Alicante, Spain). Cedric won by an incredible time difference of 59 seconds ahead of Fabien Barel in second place and Jacobo Santana in third.
Although he had trained well and was “in good shape” as he said, Cedric’s expectations for the race were pretty down-to-earth: Have fun and finish the race in the Top10.

The winning position in women’s category was taken by Tracy Moseley (Trek / Wild Wolf) – another member of the Wild Wolf sponsored racers, who celebrated a nice get-together in La Fenasosa Bikepark.

The scenery for the race couldn’t have been better: A big castle, home-made Paella Valenciana and great trails. Five special stages had to be completed during the race which had everything you could ask for: rocks, jumps, berms. Click for the full results.

For the race he used his Santa Cruz Tallboy LTC 29″ with Mavic‘s brand new ST29 wheels and a Fox Talas 34 in front.

Flashback Cedric Gracia:

After Cedrics big crash at the UCI Downhill Worldcup in Val di Sole in June, breaking his hip, it took 4 painful months of recuperation…

…and training for Cedric (with style as always!)…

…to be on the bike again in September. Seems like his training worked out! GREAT JOB CEDRIC!