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The Lab | Tested: The TIME ATAC MX12-pedals

We’re constantly testing the best bits of kit, and over the past 4 months we’ve been testing out the TIME ATAC MX12-pedals. Check out the original article from issue #016 or read on below!

These are the high-end of Time’s large array of MTB pedals, designed and made in France. If you think, “I want what is reputed to be the best clipless pedals money can buy,” then these are supposed to be the ones. Thus our race-mad UK Editor Jim Buchanan has been putting them through their paces all throughout the harshest depths of the British weather.

Die MX12 sind aus Carbon und Titan gefertigt.
The MX12 are built from carbon and titan.

These carbon-bodied, ti-axled works of art are extremely light, yet very robust. After a good thrashing around the muddy UK countryside and countless jet-wash cleans, there is absolutely minimal wear to the clip-in rails on the pedals, and the bearings seem to just take it all in stride. The cleats, however, seem the weakest link, needing replacing once already due to wear – but at a minimal price, this can be coped with.

Das Gewicht der Klickpedale liegt bei rekordverdächtigen 158 g.
With only 158 g, these pedals are seriously light.

The mounting of the cleat denotes the amount of left-right float, with an option of either 13 degrees (used by our test rider) or a scary 17 degrees. The clip-in feel and action seems second to none and firmness of foot feel is fantastic, with an angular float of + and – 5 degrees and a lateral float of 6mm. These pedals weigh in at an impressive 158 g per pair, so where is the catch? How about their hefty price tag of $400 (€290), with replacement cleats at £20.

Lediglich die Cleats zeigen schnell Abnutzungserscheinungen, können jedoch günstig nachgekauft werden.
The cleats wear quickly, but can be bought seperately.

Price: 289,95 € / 400 $
Duration of test: 4 Months
Tester: Jim Buchanan
Weight: 158 g

You can find more information at

Words & Pictures: Jim Buchanan