Issue #037, Review -

The Lab: Five Ten Impact Pro flat pedal shoes in review

In the “The Lab” we present the latest products and put them through their paces for you. Some undergo long-term tests, while we check others out only briefly. This time we reveal how the Five Ten Impact Pro shoes fared.

Over the past eight months we set out to find out exactly how many impacts the Five Ten Impact Pro shoes can really take. The name doesn’t exactly sound like a delicate ballet shoe so we were ready to put it to the test. Once they’re on your feet and you’re on the bike, it’s confirmed just how ready these shoes are for hardcore bike park action. It takes a hell of a lot of force to get the chunky Stealth S1 soles to flex on the pedals. The additional PU foam sole adds cushioning and comfort, but does limit your sensitivity to the pedal under your foot. The true strength of the Stealth sole lies in its tackiness on flat pedals – this is grip. Nailing a four-metre high drop, a gnarly rock garden or even just screwing up a landing, the Five Ten Impact Pro keep your nerves in check and stay glued to the pedals. If, it does go pear-shaped and your foot loosens from the pedal, there’s a robust outer material and reinforcements over your toes.

They grip well on the pedals and stay snug on your foot with smart rubber eyelets essentially locking the laces in place.
If the Impact Pros could express one wish it would be to gorge themselves on the pedal. They just love it.
They might not be elegant but try standing on your toes!

But even with such hardwearing materials, the Impact Pro isn’t immune to the rain. In the summer they’re a bit of a sauna, but the Impact Pro felt perfect in cooler temperatures.

Over the past eight months we have grabbed every opportunity to test the limits of these Five Tens. And you know what, we’ve barely scratched the surface of their limits. A quick scrub down after a ride and they look brand new – even today. These kicks are purely designed for riding though, and we wouldn’t advocate any extended walks in them. For sizing, they’re most likely to appease people with wide feet.

If you’re looking for a massive shoe that can really pack a punch and go all in, then the Five Ten Impact Pro is the ultimate choice. Those on the hunt for all-rounders that work well off the bike should probably continue their search.


  • Grip
  • Durability
  • Feel super secure


  • Too warm
  • Not suited for walking

Tester Valentin
Duration 8 months
Price € 149.95
Weight 1.160 g (size 44)
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